Russian Prima Avoids Bulgarian Media Attention
(Sofia News Agency 15 October 2004)

Russian Pop Diva Pays Tribute to Bulgaria
(Sofia News Agency 21 october 2004)

("New Times" August 2003)

Pugachyova Monument Disappears
("The Moscow Times" 18 april 2003)

Alla Pugacheva's Everlasting Magic
("What's on" 15-21 марта 2002)

Presidents of Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine greeted Russian pop star
(ITAR-TASS 26 July 2001)

The reception in honour of Sovereignty Day in the Kremlin
(ITAR-TASS 12 June 2000)

A superstar evokes a superpower
("New York Times" 28 February 2000)

Pop Star brings Russian heat to Jackie Gleason
("The Miami Herald" 17 February 2000)

Russian diva says she missed her chance

First Stop: Moscow
(Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles Home Page - October 1999)

Yeltsin salutes Russia's prima donna of pop
("The Times" 16 april 1999)

Most Famous Singer in Russia, but 'Invisible' in the West
(The New York Times April 23, 1997)

Year in Review 1997
(Encyclopedia Britannica)

Some russians angered at 'historical' playmates
(CNN 10 December 1996)

Alla Pugacheva's Moody, Ardent Soviet Pop
(The New York Times September 25, 1988)


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