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Alla Pugachova (1949) is National Russian Legend. She is Superstar Number One in Russia during last twenty years. Her voice is Magic and her life is a good story for a book. She is newsmaker for all newspapers and magazines in Russia, her photographs beautify most of all russian issues.

This is a short resume of this site in Russian

Singer and composer Alla Pugachova has been one of the brightest lights on the russian (former soviet) variety and rock stage for the past twenty years.
In automn of 1975 an unknown singer with rich bronze hair appeared at the international variety festival "Golden Orpheus" and sang a very original interpretation of bulgarian composer E.Dimitrov's "Harlequin". Her name was Alla Pugachova. She returned to Moscow with the gilded statuette - Gran Prix. In 1978 she got another Gran Prix - at the International Sopot Song Festival in Poland. Later she took part at several famous festivals as a guest artist: Music Festival MIDEM (1976), International variety competition in Cologne (1980), Festival of Soviet Song in Zelena Gura in Poland (1983), Music Song Festival "Bratyslava's Lyre" (1983), San-Remo Song Contest (1987), Rock Festival in Winterture (1987), "Bumbershoot" in Seattle (1988), Music Song Contest in France (1989), Country Music Festival in Nashvill (1989), Urmala Song Contest in Latvia (1993), "Star Surf" in Sevastopol (1993 - 1994), "Rocksalana" in Kiev (1994), "Rock Summer" in Tallinn (1994), "Slav Market" in Vitebsk (1994), "Asia Voice" in Alma-Ata (1995), Eurovision (1997)...
>She has done so much since that it is amazing she could have so much energy. She has recorded over 3 hundred songs for radio and screen, and over 20 LP's, including several LP's in foreign languages. Her record sales have topped 250 (may be 300, nobody knows correctly) million. She played the title roles in the films "The Woman Who Sings" (1977) and "Came to Say" (1985), and epizode roles in films "Foam" (1979), "The Season of Wonder" (1985), "Love by Love" (1983). She has been featured in TV films and TV programmes in Russia, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Ukraine, Italy, France etc
She sings extensively at home and abroad (in USA, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Buelorussia, Germany, Finland, France, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Rumania, Sweden, Ukraine, Yugaslavia, Japan, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Spain)... She finished studies at hte Department of Variety Direction of the Lunacharsky Institute of Dramatic Art. This education helped her to direct a lot of interesting concert and TV shows. She has a daugter, Kristina Orbakaite, who is now popular cinema and theatre actress and singer. Her lastest husband is Philipp Kirkorov, popular singer.
Everybody who was able to get to a Pugachova's concert became a spectator of unforgettable show. The emotional abandon of the singer, her expressiveness, and her very personal stage presence in which she turns every song into a spectacle go well beyond the bounds of conventionalism. For analogues there is Edith Piaf who had the same emotional force and total freedom. Yet Pugachova is unique. She found her special style and worked hard to improve her technique, which helps her to convey the sublest nuances of emotions.
Her songs can be likened to an inner stresm of consciousness. They combine the tragic and the lyrical, the ironic and the amusing, doubts, delight and anger...
She sang together with Barry Manilow, Herrey's, Udo Lindenberg...
Now Alla Pugachova has all possible soviet and russian music and several state awards and a great number of international awards: "Golden Microphone" (Dynacord, 1981), Medal "For Input in World Affairs" (World Peace Soviet, 1981), "Golden Disk" ("Track Music", 1984), Medal "For Input in World Affairs by Means of Harmony and Music" (FIDOF, 1987), "Golden Disk" ("Ampex", 1989), "Distant Accord" (FIDOF, 1989), Russian Music awards "Ovaciya" (1992, 1994, 1995), "Order Hollerred" 1 degrees (1993), "Order For The Desert Before Fatherland" 2 degrees (1999)? "Gold gramophone" of Russian Radio (2000, 2002), "Nicoluy Chudotvorec Order" (Ukraine, 2000), ZD-AWARDS (2003)...
Else there are Ocean Liner "Alla", called in honour of Alla Pugachova (Finland, 1985), parfume "Alla", designed by Alla Pugachova together with "Sogo" (France, 1991), Shoes collection "Alla Pugachova", designed by Alla Pugachova together with "Econika" (Russia) and Alla Pugachova's own magazine "Alla" (1993).

(written by E.Arhipova using the V.Bogdanov's article in "Moscow News" 15.02.81-)


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